Science Fiction has enthralled generations with the depictions of the future filled with advanced technology, space exploration, and fixes for many of the trials of present life. But not all literature pertaining to the future is so glamorous. Dystopian stories show futures where doing what seemed at the time to be the right thing, usually for the betterment of society, resulted in an abusive system of control and indoctrination that eventually leads to collapse. Although old and new dystopian stories are immensely popular, many see them as pure fiction and discount any parallels between the buildup to the demise in the story and the current state of the world.

In this photo series, I wanted to paint a realistic picture of a near-future post-collapse world where the established government collapsed under the weight of undeliverable promises and artificial sustainability. Three common styles that I aimed to avoid were sexy, costumed, and homeless. So many dystopian photoshoots are merely styled fashion, generic impractical cosplay, or emulating the look of the homeless. When you and everyone around you must fend for yourselves, and trust can be a matter of life and death, day to day life is not glamorous. This sort of existence doesn't exist exclusively in fiction. It has happened around the world. Governments of a dependent population collapse and the people must pick themselves up, survive, and make something new.

This is not a liberal vs conservative topic. This is my brief fictional but plausible story of the collapse of an unsustainable government. The point is to make you think: prevent it if you can, be prepared if you can't.
Early on will be a period of shock, where it hasn't sunk in that everything has changed. Some will act fast and take advantage of the disorganization and asserting themselves through violence and crime. Others will risk becoming victims while assuming that some benevolent authority will step in to protect them. Some will just be unaware for a time and carry on as usual.
Without the organized establishment to enforce laws, there is no law. Anarchy is wild in the beginning, and many will put their new freedom to the test. They don't necessarily resort to crime, but they will start considering why certain actions were deemed "wrong."
Despite what many believe about "civilized" human nature, crime will rise quickly and homes will be ransacked or occupied by those with the will to take them. Security through obscurity will be the name of the game, and those who aren't prepared to defend will find it easiest to keep a low profile with more modest refuges. Money won't mean anything. Necessary supplies are the currency of the post-collapse, and everything is negotiable.
Eventually, those who had been displaced by opportunists will start preparing to defend what's theirs and be watchful for those who would try to take it. Armed targets don't make appealing victims, and equilibrium will begin to establish itself.
As the people reestablish their power, crime and violence will subside. Those who have stood their ground will have the confidence to keep what's theirs and deter most threats.
After some time, natural leaders will bring about some form of new government, we will rise from the ashes, political division will create packages of prescribed ideals, and the long process will repeat itself.
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