Blood is thicker than water, a little phrase developed over the centuries. The sisters would disagree, the quality is dependent on the health of the vein it was coming from. There were three of them, traversing the centuries. The oldest sister after a long journey overseas; separate from the other two, was lost. Her disappearance left only two clues; a map and a book. After many years they deciphered the two items and found themselves in Virginia. The map led to a beautiful older house and the spot where the undead could rise.
Only fresh blood would awaken a sister gone so long. The presentation must be perfect.  The eldest sister was very partial to semi aged veins. Awakening her to 21st century after being buried since the time of gypsies and magic was going to be a shock.  Explaining the modern convenience of blood mobiles and the internet would not be an easy task. Time it would take, but time was an expense easily spared.
Who are they?
Terri, a former princess from a long since forgotten realm. Obsessed with living to the fullest. She was introduced to a man; this man would become her untimely death and the beginning of an adventure most can only dream of. The one thing she truly missed after her death was the sisters she had loved in life; their deaths haunted her. She swore to find companionship, the kind that would live as long as she.
Natasha was found in a village, after weeks of watching it was quite obvious that she was a witch. She was too free with her gifts and her sharp tongue. Her time was running out for the villagers knew what she was and her last revenge was knowing that when they put her through trials, she would terrify them in her undeath more then she did in her life.
Danielle was found on a pirate ship. Her ship had been attacked by another vessel, vying for the treasure that her crew had amassed.  After a long strenuous battle, she had been struck hard. The two older sisters knew they had found their final sister as they watched her swing her sword. When asked if she was wanted to pass on or continue to fight her answer was immediately, “fighting is what I live and die for."
The beauty, brains and brawn made for a trio of tenacity that amassed wealth, enemies and a number of broken hearts. They were feared and loved equally by many and their story does not end here. Be careful on the eventide when the moon is low. You never know who may be in the shadows.
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